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Some people have been upset that I have admitted which actors I would like or wouldn’t like to see play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire.  Specifically, I have been called a “racist bitch” because I said I didn’t think Jesse Williams was appropriate for the role.  Now, if you’ll read my post, you’ll notice that none of my choices have anything to do with race or ethnicity–they’re based on what I believe about the actor’s acting abilities.  I said that I didn’t like Jesse Williams as Finnick because to me, Jesse comes off as a little too intense, and that that acting style doesn’t fit Finnick for me.  As I saw it, Finnick was a very lighthearted and fun character with layers that showed his deeper feelings in the final book, Mockingjay.  I also said that I wouldn’t particularly enjoy Robert Pattinson, Armie Hammer, Chris Hemsworth, Ian Somerhalder, or Paul Wesley for the role, based on how I see their acting abilities.  I do not believe that they are bad actors, but I think their acting styles do not match up with Finnick either.

Now, what does my choice of actor really matter?  If Jesse Williams gets cast as Finnick, I will support the casting directors’ choice in that they know more than I do about show business and if they thought Jesse was a more appropriate choice for Finnick, then okay.  But I do not like the image of myself being portrayed as a “racist bitch” anywhere, simply because I am not a racist.  Racism is defined as “hate or intolerance of another race or races.”  I do not have hatred or intolerance for any race for any reason.  Quite honestly, I don’t care if you’re gray, green, purple, orange, or magenta.  I embrace integrity and I believe that everyone should be treated completely equally.

Please be considerate of other bloggers when you post things.  Seeing this post hurt me, and I consider it to be cyberbullying.  So please think before you decide to label someone as a “racist bitch.”